My shop is open again, complete with new items! You can get your hands on my all new mini comic, Goodbye Kitty or perhaps you’d like the Best of Eat, Sleep, Sniff volume 1? They’re both in there plus the option to buy a quick commission. There’s 12 styles to choose from, you pick the pose and fur, I’ll hand paint your creation on 300gsm watercolour paper.

For all the details and prices, head on over to my shop (click here)

I’m happy to take on commissions if I have the time so feel free to email me (eatsleepsniff[at]gmail[dot]com) to find out whether I’m available. All pieces will be signed originals on A6 (4inch x 6inch/ 105mm x 148mm) watercolour paper or a similar stock, ready to fit in any standard picture frame.

The base rate per image is £15 which can alter depending on the complexity of each piece. If I consider the illustration to be relatively simple, the price could drop and likewise if I think it may take me a little longer, it’ll increase slightly. I am flexible and would prefer to provide bespoke illustrations at a price to suit you rather than one set in stone so the best thing to do is email me to discuss it further, I don’t bite! Unlike my cat who thinks it’s funny to nibble my ankles whenever I walk past…

I’m also opening up commissions to non-cat related illustrations too after receiving a few queries about whether I would. So bring it on!

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